Athlon Wealth Advisors is the investment management division of Athlon Advisors. Because we are an independent investment management firm, we are not locked into endorsing particular stocks or mutual funds the way a large brokerage could be. As fee-based professionals, what we earn is based on a set percentage, so that as your portfolio grows, we benefit as well.

Your portfolio stays top of mind for us, with periodic reviews that help us measure if your portfolio’s targets are being met. There are times of market volatility where our level of attention is especially important. You can contact us any time you may be having concerns — or reach out whenever you’d like. We’re always here for you.

Our Investment Process

Our approach starts with DIP: Discovery, Information Gathering, and Proposal/Presentation.  We’re not going to give away the secret sauce … or bore you … but Athlon Wealth Advisors does have a specific method for what we do. We call it the “Athlon Stop Process,” and it’s designed to protect against a dramatic downturn in the market. The simple explanation is that we have set a “downside” value that alerts us when the value drops to a certain point. With that information, we determine if it is the appropriate time to sell. We can do the same for an “upside” value and sell it to lock in your gains. All of the decisions we make are based on your individual portfolio and life goals. We can dig deep into your long-term objectives through our Financial Planning services.

Are You the Ideal Client?

Who you are as a person is much more important to us than your age or the size of your portfolio. Some of our clients are new to investing and others are near retirement and looking to protect what they have. What matters to us is that you have a positive attitude like our investment managers do, that you are friendly, and that you are excited about our ability to handle investment management on your behalf.

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey

Christopher Schipske, CPA, CFP® is a SmartVestor Pro and an Endorsed Local Provider for Tax Services by Dave Ramsey. In order to ensure quality service, Ramsey Solutions has established a detailed Code of Conduct that all SmartVestor Pros must agree with and adhere to. Chris and the team at Athlon share Dave’s philosophy of methodically reducing debt, saving money, and investing wisely. Chris was selected by Ramsey Solutions following a strict vetting process and is held to high standard of excellence, which is monitored through ongoing screenings and client satisfaction reviews. As an Endorsed Local Provider by Dave Ramsey, Chris and the tax team are trusted tax preparers that abide by smart money philosophies. Athlon Advisors prioritizes excellent customer service and advice consistent with Dave Ramsey’s approach to money.

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