Athlon Wealth Advisors is the financial planning division of Athlon Advisors … and that’s a big deal. Here’s why. A skilled financial planner is going to consider many facets of your financial picture, but it’s unlikely they have the experts in house who can design a coordinated plan. Our planners work hand-in-hand with our other divisions that focus on tax planning and preparation, insurance solutions and small business services.

We see how all of these pieces can affect one another and then come together to build the strongest plan. Plus, it’s just easier for you and a real time-saver when you work with a single company for all of these critical financial decisions. With the deeper level of understanding we have, you get the benefit of our ability to be proactive, instead of reactive. The only surprises we like are birthday parties.

Our Financial Planning Services

  • Wealth management
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management (Learn more.)
  • Insurance Strategies (Learn more.)
  • Tax Projections/Planning/Preparation (Learn more.)
  • And others

Our Vibe

Our vibe? Yes … it’s something that makes us different in the field of financial services. We’re fun. We’re friendly. We’re passionate. You’ll feel it when you stop by or when we chat on the phone. We want you to be excited about talking to us and getting your financial objectives aligned. We’re still serious about what we’re managing behind the scenes, and we have decades of experience to back it up. Let us take away your stress and replace it with positive thoughts about what your future may hold.

Financial Planning for Generations

We’re looking ahead at the big picture for what you will leave behind for your spouse, children and grandchildren. The fancy name for this is estate planning. We can do that through financial planning and investment management, of course, but also with our insurance services, tax planning and guidance for small business owners. You can trust that your family will have our support after you’ve gone. P.S. Ask us about “The Binder.”

Who We Serve

Do you want to know who we work with? Good, solid people who are committed to the process and appreciate the value of an experienced team who will grow and protect their wealth. You can be 25 and just getting started with investing or 65 and heading toward retirement. If your personality is a match with our personality — optimistic, thoughtful, easygoing — then you’re our ideal client.


You can be a confident investor when you understand the level of risk that makes you comfortable.


Learn how much you need to save for retirement and how we can help you reach that goal.

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey

Christopher Schipske, CPA, CFP® is a SmartVestor Pro and an Endorsed Local Provider for Tax Services by Dave Ramsey. In order to ensure quality service, Ramsey Solutions has established a detailed Code of Conduct that all SmartVestor Pros must agree with and adhere to. Chris and the team at Athlon share Dave’s philosophy of methodically reducing debt, saving money, and investing wisely. Chris was selected by Ramsey Solutions following a strict vetting process and is held to high standard of excellence, which is monitored through ongoing screenings and client satisfaction reviews. As an Endorsed Local Provider by Dave Ramsey, Chris and the tax team are trusted tax preparers that abide by smart money philosophies. Athlon Advisors prioritizes excellent customer service and advice consistent with Dave Ramsey’s approach to money.

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