When you’re training for a biathlon or a triathlon, you have to be good at more than one thing. That’s exactly what Athlon Advisors does for wealth management! It’s not just the core of financial fitness — independent financial planning and investment management — that matters to us. It’s also our comprehensive offerings that make the most of what you earn, spend and save. We provide tax preparation and planning through our CPA services, bookkeeping and payroll for small businesses, and insurance services and solutions for individuals and business owners.

Making Wealth Management Easier

Athlon Advisors simplifies wealth management when you can access all of the services that we bring together. There’s no wasting time running from office to office, or the hassle of explaining to each professional service provider what the others are doing. We collaborate within Athlon Advisors, and we know where you want to be. It’s true that your retirement years are the finish line, but we’ll also guide you along the way. As you head toward every goal, we want you to enjoy your life as much right now as you will be later on. So let’s talk!

The Athlon Advisors Mission

To provide comfort and peace of mind through financial services and solutions to those who appreciate it.

Our Vision

Understandable, actionable, and attainable financial services and solutions for everyone.

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey

Christopher Schipske, CPA, CFP® is a SmartVestor Pro and an Endorsed Local Provider for Tax Services by Dave Ramsey. In order to ensure quality service, Ramsey Solutions has established a detailed Code of Conduct that all SmartVestor Pros must agree with and adhere to. Chris and the team at Athlon share Dave’s philosophy of methodically reducing debt, saving money, and investing wisely. Chris was selected by Ramsey Solutions following a strict vetting process and is held to high standard of excellence, which is monitored through ongoing screenings and client satisfaction reviews. As an Endorsed Local Provider by Dave Ramsey, Chris and the tax team are trusted tax preparers that abide by smart money philosophies. Athlon Advisors prioritizes excellent customer service and advice consistent with Dave Ramsey’s approach to money.