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Financial Solutions for YOU

Financial Solutions for YOU




Athlon Advisors makes planning for your future enjoyable. Dare we say fun? Yes, fun! Especially when you work with our team of financial advisors. We love what we do … financial planning & investment management, tax preparation & planning, small business services, and insurance solutions. And we bring all of those services together to make it easy for you to have a single point of contact — for all areas of your financial life. We understand how these aspects influence one another, and that allows us to provide comprehensive guidance based on the total picture. To us, that’s fun.

Athlon Advisors. Fun.

What Can We Do For You?

Services by Athlon Advisors

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

What makes our financial planning services so different is our ability to coordinate them with our in-house team of tax professionals and insurance services providers. This provides a unique insight to the plans we design. That means a more comprehensive strategy for growing and protecting your wealth. We welcome investors of all ages and investment experience.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Unlike some of the large brokerage houses that take a lazy approach and tell you to “just hold on,” we take a more prudently active approach. As fee-based professionals, our interests are aligned with yours by charging a percentage of your assets that we manage. If your account value increases, we’re both happy. If your account goes down, our team earns less. Simply put, when you win, we win.

Investment Management

Tax & Bookkeeping Services

There’s so much more to taxes than just filing an annual tax return. We work with clients to uncover planning solutions that could reduce their tax liability for years to come — and for their beneficiaries. Don’t leave your tax preparation to just anyone! This division of Athlon Advisors also provides business owners with the related tax, bookkeeping, and payroll needs that are unique to them.

Investment Management

Insurance Services

The most important thing here? That you’re a person with unique needs, not someone on the other side of an online form. We’ll talk about the types of insurances that will protect you, your family and, if applicable, your business. As independent insurance brokers, we can offer insurance products from a wide range of companies.

Investment Management

Small Business Services

When you’re a business owner, your financial planning, insurance and tax needs are different. We combine all of our services to be the ultimate resource for the personal and professional aspects of your financial outlook. These services also include bookkeeping, payroll, preparation of 1099-MISC, 1099-DIV and 1099-INT forms, and a lot more.

Investment Management

OSJ Services

Wait until you see what we can do for financial professionals. Of course you will get the compliance, guidance and oversight that FINRA requires — but as a Branch Builder OSJ, we also provide optional support services that help you grow your business: training, marketing support, administrative support services, transition assistance … and others.

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